The History Behind The History

Cover art and design © 2019 by Paula Arwen Owen

Welcome to the history behind The History of Soul 2065!

The History of Soul 2065 is a collection of stories woven together to follow the members of two Jewish families, one from Germany and the other from Ukraine, starting with the meeting of two young girls in a strange forest glade. Through these interrelated tales, you discover how their descendants use (or are used by) fantastical forces over several generations, beginning just before the first World War.

Many of the characters in the book are based on real people (or on a mashup of more than one person) and real events. Because of this, I created this site to explain the people and events that were the inspiration for each chapter of the novel.

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You can read them chapter by chapter via The History Behind the History link in the top menu, or use the Table of Contents on the right to pick any specific story you want to investigate. I’ve also included (via that menu on top) the family trees of Chana and Sophia, the two girls whose meeting in 1914 begin all the events that follow.


What people have said about
The History of Soul 2065

This is storytelling at the top of the heap.

Jane Yolen, winner of the World Fantasy Award for lifetime achievement

Achingly familiar and wonderfully strange.

Samuel R. Delany, Huge and Nebula Award winner

Powerful and dreamlike . . . more than the sum of its parts.

Publishers Weekly, starred review